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Faux Leather: Everything You Should Know

Everything You Should Know about Faux Leather
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There is Cotton vs. Polyester, Gold vs. Silver, and, of course, Faux Leather vs. Genuine Leather. It’s a simple idea. Faux Leather is a form of non-organic leather that is also called synthetic or artificial leather. It is the opposite of genuine leather in almost every aspect. Unlike real authentic leather, faux leather does not come from animal hides, rather it is synthesized by using various chemicals and non-organic materials. There are 3 types of faux leather, categorized based on the materials used to make it. First, Polyvinyl Chloride or simple PVC or Vinyl. Second, Polyurethane known as PU. And third, Silicon which was introduced less than two decades ago.

Faux leather is mostly used to make home upholsteries, car interiors, consumer goods, and yes, clothes as well. Faux leather has advantages and disadvantages. For example, no animals are harmed in making it, it’s much cheaper, and it’s easier to work with, but it has some disadvantages that nudge people into buying products made with authentic leather. There’s a lot about faux leather, so buckle up because we’re going to explore them all in this article.

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